Get To Know Our Office Management and Client Support, Alyssa Bombacino!

Get To Know Our Office Management and Client Support, Alyssa Bombacino!


Meet Alyssa Bombacino our Office Management & Client Support at JRM&A! Alyssa is a former Division 1 Soccer Player at Marquette University. She has a passion for helping others and a background in Psychology, Sociology, and Health, Culture, and Illness. She plans to attend a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology program following graduation.

1. What makes JRM&A Therapy unique from other clinics? 

Our staff truly cares about the well being of our clients. We all enjoy being able to help and make a difference in people’s lives. Most of our staff members have been through unique experiences which have positively influenced their ability to help others and to understand what others are going through.

2. What would you say to someone hesitant to use therapy? 

Try not to think about the negatives of what could happen and instead think of the potential benefits that could result from it. It can be difficult to make changes within your life or to step outside of your comfort zone, but oftentimes this can be really helpful. If you’re nervous or worried about going to therapy, try asking someone to walk with you there, wait for you in the lobby, or to be with you before you go so that you can get the support you need in when making this big step.

3. Have you struggled with mental health yourself? 

I began to struggle with anxiety while playing soccer in college. I like to have a set schedule and be in control of things, being on a college soccer team often made it difficult to do that. The schedule changes, new practices or trips added to my schedule, and not having enough time to do my homework were things that would frequently trigger my anxiety. I found that talking to others was really helpful for me instead of trying to keep everything inside!

4. What is your role at JRM&A?

I am the Office Management and Client Support at JM&A. I create content, and manage the blog and newsletter which spread mental health awareness and update our clients on things happening within JRM&A. I also help create assessment tools and manage potential client information.

5. What do you enjoy most about JRM&A?

I enjoy the work environment. We are all very dedicated to the cause and have a common goal which makes it easy to collaborate, discuss, and get things done.


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