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Behavioral Threat Assessment Training (BTAT) Consultation

Behavioral Threat Assessment Training (BTAT)

BTAT Consulting

BTAT addresses the risks for potential violence from a colleague, patient, or student who may be a potential threat to their environment.  The program is centered around identifying who may be a potential threat by observing and recognizing suspicious actions that a "reasonable person" might believe violence to be a potential outcome.

BTAT is helpful in teaching employees, faculty, or staff what to look for to keep the workplace safe.  Behaviors such as bullying, drug/alcohol problems, angry outbursts, abrupt changes in behavior, etc., can be an indicator that the person may hurt themselves or others.  The training also covers how to establish a Threat Assessment Team.

Sessions additionally look at assessment of mental health needs based on behaviors.  Trained employees can use various assessment tools to identify individuals who potentially pose a threat, keeping the workplace or school safe and helping to prevent violence and injury.  BTAT is open to people in all fields, not just psychologists or psychiatrists.  People in many positions can benefit from BTAT and what they learn can help to keep their environment safe.

Joelle Rabow Maletis is a certified trainer for BTAT.  As a consultant, she can share her expertise and train your staff in Behavioral Threat Assessment.  To find out more about the BTAT program and the services Joelle offers, contact JRM today!