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First Responders, Military & Veterans Therapy

The military personnel, veterans, and first responders of our country do so much to help protect us.
At JRM, we’re here to help those heroes who’ve helped us.

First Responders

The everyday heroes who keep us all safe -- the firefighters, police officers, emergency medical technicians, surgery and trauma specialists, and all the others -- work in highly stressful, dangerous, traumatic, and even tragic situations as a part of their daily jobs.

When it’s your job to help others, it can sometimes be difficult to admit that you may need help yourself.

JRM therapists are here to help you separate yourself from those traumatic events and break free from their draining effects so you can give your best self to your job again after experiencing a traumatic event. We can help also address any symptoms of traumatic stress or PTSD you may be experiencing.

Military & Families

Military personnel and their families may have difficult periods of transition in their military career. The changing and unknowable factors of living a military life can cause stress, worry, and anxiety as well as other more severe mental health issues. Many military personnel and their family members may feel like they can’t voice their struggles because it may put their career at risk. However, at JRM we can help guide you and your family through whatever struggles you may be experienced in complete confidence.

We can provide the help you and your family may need in adjusting to deployment and military life and culture, as well as readjusting to civilian life after deployment.

Veterans & Families

Because of the structure of the military and our society as it is right now, there are not many widely accessible resources or outlets for military veterans and their families. Yet returning to civilian life after deportment and the stressful or traumatic experiences associated with combat experiences and military culture can prove a tough transition -- and that’s natural.

Many veterans suffer from a mental health issue such as PTSD due to their military experiences which can make readjusting to civilian life a challenge for both veterans and their families.

JRM therapists are here to help guide you through the transition and healing process.

If you or someone you love is suffering from a traumatic experience due to an experience in military combat or first responder situations, please contact us at 650.386.6753 to discover what options are available to help!


We are still providing therapy via video calls and are opening our schedules to include early mornings, late nights, and weekends. We also offer therapy for Vicarious Trauma and a safe space for POC.