We work with compassion and understanding to help you build on your unique strengths and to encourage personal growth, no matter where you are in life.

Individual Therapy

From general anxiety and difficult transitioning from life’s major changes, to more severe mental disorders such as anxiety and depression, therapy can help you through the challenges that life may present.

Life Transitions

Life transitions can bring a lot of different emotions from excitement and happiness to anxiety, confusion, and even depression. Sometimes, life transitions can present a daunting challenge in your life. Whether you are welcoming a new family member, thinking about marriage, changing careers, or going through a midlife crisis, we can help.

At JRM, our experienced therapists have the knowledge to help you as you overcome tough times and enjoy exciting times in your unique circumstances.

Children & Teens

As we grow from children to adults, we sometimes experience things or feelings that we may not even be able to fully identify or express.

A traumatic or even a positive transitional event may spark confusing feelings and disruptive behavior in a child. Even regular, everyday struggles such as with trust, autonomy, and identity may the source of lashing out.

At times like theses, your child may benefit from therapy to help them identify their feelings and work through them, as well as identifying any risks or signs of a deeper underlying mental health issues.


As adults, we may be able to benefit from the guidance and support of an experienced counselor. Professional therapists can listen to our stories and provide a point of view we may not have thought of ourselves. They can help guide you through many difficult life experiences, from feelings of doubt and lack of self-worth to more serious mental health issues.

At JRM, our therapists are experienced professionals who are here to help you by respectful listening and providing the support and advice you need to get through whatever challenges life brings you.


As we grow older, we may reflect on our lives a bit more and we may find that we have unresolved feelings of resentment, guilt, sadness, or even fear that accumulated in our life through various experiences and relationships we’ve had.

When we start to get closer to the end of our lives, it can be a frightening thing. However, we can age gracefully and we can approach older age with peace of mind, not fear.

At JRM, our therapists can help you explore your feelings and fears about growing older in a safe and supporting environment.


Whether you’re still looking for that perfect job or are looking to move to the next level in your career, finding the right career path and learning how to make the best decision for your professional life may be a challenge causing stress or anxiety. If you’ve been in the workforce for some time, your career is probably a big part of your life. It provides you with a source of income as well as peace of mind. Yet, no matter where you are in your work or career path, your job may sometimes be a source of stress or anxiety.

Counselling at JRM can help you as you forward your career!

If you or someone you love could benefit from the guidance and support counseling can bring, contact us at 650.386.6753 to schedule an appointment today.


We are still providing therapy via video calls and are opening our schedules to include early mornings, late nights, and weekends. We also offer therapy for Vicarious Trauma and a safe space for POC.