We work with compassion and understanding to help you build on your unique strengths and to encourage personal growth, no matter where you are in life.

Life Transitions

Therapy for Individuals, Couples and Families


Individual Counseling

We all go through many transitions in our lives. We leave high school and go to college, move to a new city, break off an old relationship or start a new one, get married or change jobs. Even exciting and positive transitions can be with them their own stress and anxiety as we try to adjust mentally and emotionally to a new part of our lives.

Counseling can help you to find your bearings through those transitional times in our lives.

Marriage Counseling

Married life can be so wonderful – but it can also be such a big transition! Marriage comes with its share of stresses and disagreements, and that’s normal, but if you and your partner are going through a though spot in your relationship, or want to grow in understanding, marriage counseling may be for you!

If you are newly engaged, married and looking to improve your relationship, or just need some guidance to hang on through hard times, we’re here to help guide you to that romantic relationship you’ve always wanted!

Family Counseling

All families go through transitions and hard times. Everything from martial difficulties and strained parent-child relationships to go through a difficult move to a new city or having a new baby. A compassionate,friendly, positive therapist who wants to help your family transition smoothly through whatever life brings may be just what you need!

Life transitions can bring a lot of different emotions.

Anxiety. Happiness. Confusion. Excitement. Even depression.

Sometimes, life transitions can present a daunting challenge in your life. Whether you are welcoming a new family member, thinking about marriage, changing careers, or going through a mid-life crisis, we can help. At JRM, our experienced therapists have the knowledge to help you as you overcome tough times and enjoy exciting times in your unique circumstances.


We are still providing therapy via video calls and are opening our schedules to include early mornings, late nights, and weekends. We also offer therapy for Vicarious Trauma and a safe space for POC.