Finding a New Path to Success

When we want to accomplish something, too often we feel like failures if we don’t immediately reach our goal.  We think we did something wrong, or that we’re incapable of achieving what we set out to achieve.  There are a thousand different ways to reach a single endpoint, so why do we beat ourselves up if the ONE path we tried failed?  Wouldn’t it make more sense to choose a different path and try that one?

What’s worse than giving up is not having a plan in the first place.  People who lack a plan, often suffer from low motivation and feel like they have no purpose.  It makes sense.  Without a goal, what are you working towards?  Why work on finding the right path to get you where you want to be if you don’t know where that is?  These goals can relate to careers, relationships, spirituality, physical, emotional, and mental health, or any other aspect of your life.  You need to have goals to work towards achieving and you need to be open to trying new paths to successful reach those goals.

Conquering Fears of Failure

The fear of failure is deeply ingrained.  Stress, anxiety, and even depression can come out of this fear.  You don’t want to try something new because you’re scared of failing.  Why step off the path you know, to start a path you don’t?  What if you don’t make it?  This fear keeps many people from achieving their goals because they never take the risks needed for success.  By working to conquer this fear of failure, you take a very big step down finding your new path to success.

Let Go of the Past

Another important step you need to take is to try and let go of the past.  Let go of the mistakes you made and the regrets you have.  This is so much easier said than done, but with mindful practice, it can be accomplished.  You can’t change the choices you made or the paths you followed before; you only have control of the here and now.   Because you failed once, twice, or ten times, does not mean that you will fail again.  You have to let go of the past to seek your future.

Resetting Your Mindset

Perhaps the most difficult thing you need to do to find a new path to success is change your mindset.  We are so critical of ourselves that we often tear ourselves down.  In a world where everyone else will point out what you do wrong, you need to be kind to yourself.  Start changing that negative mindset to a positive one.  Replace the words you use.  Instead of “can’t”, use “can”.  You CAN be successful.  You CAN start again tomorrow.  You CAN choose a different goal.  You aren’t stuck in your life or with your choices, and with a positive, more optimistic mindset, you’ll realize this.

Finding a new path to success is reliant on what you do.  You can choose to continue down the path you’re on, or you can work on yourself to become the type of person who tries and tries again.  Finding your new path may be just the right one to help you achieve your goals.

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