Values Statement

"The greatest community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members."

Our values aren’t just words we put up on the wall, they are beliefs and actions that drive the JRM&A, Inc. culture. Our commitment to our clients is to honor them as individuals, with unique individual experiences and cultural backgrounds. We actively find ways to create a safe space for our clients to feel comfortable expressing their needs, wants and desires. We hold this same space for each other at JRM&A, Inc. as a team, a company and a brand.

Expression: We are free to express our own unique and authentic style and personalities within a professional setting in line with the JRM&A, Inc. brand. We believe that the more we can be ourselves as individuals, the more we add depth and vibrancy to our team. We actively engage in helping our community grow and evolve.

Passion: We are vibrantly alive. Our work drives our passion for growth and continual learning. We speak with clarity and conviction and we perform our craft with devotion and commitment. We seek to help our clients discover healing and establish deeper connections to achieve their life goals. We promote creativity, wellness, mindfulness, life-long learning, transformation and healing. Find your truth!

Hospitality: We take care of our clients. We do everything we can to help them feel comfortable physically and emotionally in our space. Every client is welcomed, honored and valued as well as is the JRM&A, We look to develop deeper connections with our clients, team and brand. We follow JRM&A policies and procedures that help us run a successful and authentic business that our clients and staff alike feel proud of.

Trauma Informed Care: Trauma work requires safety, trustworthiness, choice, collaboration and empowerment. At its core, trauma work involves processing painful and challenging experiences, and it is essential to create a safe and supportive space for clients to do so. We believe in these standards and support clients through these measures.

Taking Care of Our People: We honor and take care of each other: clients and clinicians. We know that the best teams function with synchronicity, generosity, and gratitude. We contribute to organizations that promote inclusivity, human-rights and the development of mental health care for diverse populations. We are a safe haven for our clients as well as the JRM&A, Inc. team; modeling tolerance, acceptance and love.

Emotional Intelligence: We are sensitive, caring and kind. We are self-aware and tuned in to our surroundings as well as our clients. To hold space for others, we are present and mindful of the depths of human experience. A collaborative approach between the JRM&A, Inc. team and our clients is essential to providing the best standard of care.

Professional: We are experts, professionals and health care providers at the highest level; providing platinum-standard legal and ethical mental health care. We take pride in our work as individuals as well as participating in JRM&A, Inc.’s mission. We hold ourselves, each other and our clients in the highest esteem; and, we are committed to the JRM&A, Inc. mission and brand. We value remaining in a learning environment, on-going professional training with a growth mindset which we apply to ourselves, clients and JRM&A alike.

"Success is only meaningful and enjoyable if it feels like your own."