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Joelle is hosting a Youtube Live mini-series!

Youtube Live Mini Series Joelle & Switch Research Joelle will be hosting Switch Research’s Mini Series on Pregnancy, Infertility, Postpartum, and Parenting. Starting April 22nd with new episodes taking place every Friday for the following 4 weeks at 12-1PM PST,

Joelle and Sarah’s 4 Therapy Hacks to Ease SuperMom Anxiety.

  Motherhood is a doozy! It’s exhausting, beautiful, frustrating and the most fantastic love you’ll ever experience; as long as that’s really what you want. Otherwise, I can’t imagine being volun-told to be a parent. Motherhood isn’t for the weak

Meet The Staff Behind The Scenes

1. What makes JRM&A Therapy unique from other clinics? Sarah: We all really love the work we do and believe in the resilience of our clients. Our staff comprises of trauma experts that work with a variety of different therapy

Get To Know Our Clinical Director, Sarah Lucha!

Meet Sarah Lucha, our Director of Personnel, Training & Special Projects at JRM&A! Sarah began her career working as a domestic violence and sexual assault advocate. Sarah has done great work within the community to advocate for survivors by creating

Get To Know Our Marketing Coordinator, Jenny Ernest!

Meet Jenny Ernest the Marketing Coordinator at JRM&A! Jenny has a strong background in media, communication, cultural studies, and politics. She comes from a long line of Military Service Members which has led her to be interested in mental health