Want to hear what I think about PTSD and infertility?

Many of us will experience some kind of trauma during our lifetime. Sometimes, we escape with no long-term effects but, for millions of people, those experiences linger, causing symptoms like flashbacks, nightmares, and negative thoughts that interfere with everyday life.

In this episode, Joelle defines post-traumatic stress and asserts the importance of normalizing it without calling it a disorder, even reframing it as post-traumatic growth. Hear her advice for validating, recognizing, and honoring your trauma, and some of the coping mechanisms she recommends. Find out why acceptance is crucial for growth – as is working through anger and resentment – as well as the importance of finding the right therapist and knowing you’re not alone.

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Go listen to what else I have to say here. https://www.buzzsprout.com/793400/6989587-ep-43-normalizing-pts-without-the-d-with-joelle-rabow-maletis


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