Get To Know Our Clinical Director, Sarah Lucha!

Meet Sarah Lucha, our Director of Personnel, Training & Special Projects at JRM&A! Sarah began her career working as a domestic violence and sexual assault advocate. Sarah has done great work within the community to advocate for survivors by creating health access programs, creating health publications, and collaborating with local law enforcement. Sarah is currently pursuing her Master of Arts in Counseling with a Marriage and Family Therapy Emphasis.

1. What makes JRM&A Therapy unique from other clinics? 

We all really love the work we do and believe in the resilience of our clients. Our staff comprises of trauma experts that work with a variety of different therapy modalities. 

2. What would you say to someone hesitant to use therapy? 

If you’re hesitant give it a try. Therapy really should be viewed like your yearly physical checkup, but for the mind. Also, it should not be viewed as a luxury, but rather a necessity because mental health and well-being should be prioritized. 

3. Have you struggled with mental health yourself? 

I currently have many responsibilities since I am a wife, mother of a 5 and 4 year old, I work full time at JRM&A, and I am currently completing graduate school. I am very busy oftentimes and I feel stress and anxiety from time to time like most people. I have sought therapy in the past and the only regret I ever had was that I wish I would have gone earlier! 

4. What is your role at JRM&A?

I am the Director of all Personnel. I manage the daily operations of the business and do client intake processes for establishing new clients within the practice. I also provide weekly training to staff on important subject matter relating to therapy.

5. What do you enjoy most about JRM&A?

I love our team! Every therapist and staff person is unique and has incredible skills that they bring to make this company thrive. I strongly believe in the mission of supporting and providing quality care to the military, law enforcement and their families.   


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At JRM&A we lead with compassionate, trauma-informed therapeutic models that are personalized and solution-focused to help support our clients’ needs and attain their personal goals.

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