Get To Know Our Marketing Coordinator, Jenny Ernest!

Get To Know Our Marketing Coordinator, Jenny Ernest!


Meet Jenny Ernest the Marketing Coordinator at JRM&A! Jenny has a strong background in media, communication, cultural studies, and politics. She comes from a long line of Military Service Members which has led her to be interested in mental health awareness at JRM&A.

1. What makes JRM&A Therapy unique from other clinics? 

Everyone has something personal about themselves and their experiences that motivates them to do their work to the best of their ability. The team is passionate about the work we do for all different reasons which I believe is what makes us unique.

2. What would you say to someone hesitant to use therapy? 

Nothing bad can come from trying therapy. Worst case scenario, you realize it is not for you. It’s something you don’t realize you need or want until you try it. If you are dedicated to taking care of yourself mentally, you should try therapy.

3. Have you struggled with mental health yourself? 

I have been struggling with anxiety since before I even realized I had it. Personal hardships in my family led me to seek help through therapy when I felt I was not in control of anything happening around me. My anxiety has taught me more about myself, and therapy helped me get to the point where I could recognize my emotions and find ways to be more okay with things happening around me that were out of my control.

4. What is your role at JRM&A?

I am the marketing coordinator. I am in charge of social media engagement, marketing research, and scheduling Joelle to appear on podcasts and speak at events. My job also includes spreading awareness to the target audiences in need of the services we provide.

5. What do you enjoy most about JRM&A?

My favorite part is how comfortable I feel with the people I work with. Since I started working here, I have felt like I can be open and honest with everyone because they are all so welcoming and accepting. Since day one, I’ve also enjoyed the fact that me and all the other team members are so passionate about the work we do.   


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