Joelle’s NEW Mini-Series With, Special Guest, Shelby!

YouTube Mini-Series

Joelle & Therapy Talks

Have you ever wondered what a real therapy session with Joelle is like? Your wait is over!

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Episode 1

Watch or Listen Here:–zOHRNKHx8aPCUj44ZQeE5zshoB3KO9TdmcH4YfR9DUqz17_cFwJqm7JE-krrWhhUr0k4J

In the first episode of the Mini-Series, Licensed Clinical Therapist Joelle Rabow Maletis helps special guest, Shelby, go over some thought stopping techniques to combat negative core beliefs. 

Episode 2

Watch or Listen Here:–R-XfTIxsDV58Cc9XwDRZ-N9k_dKDcDRceiw8bq2p6NAwGQHYSGn5sI5PxXqc93rs7KBRa

In the second episode of the Mini-Series, Shelby opens up about her fear of death, and Joelle gives her some useful tools to overcome her anxiety.

Episode 3

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In the third episode of the Mini-Series, Shelby opens up about how she holds stress in her stomach, her relationship with food, and a breakthrough she had since last session. Be sure to tune into episode 3 to to hear how Joelle guides Shelby through therapy!

Episode 4

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In the fourth episode of the Mini-Series, they dive deeper into the topic of people pleasing, and Joelle offers some techniques to combat Shelby’s perfectionism.

Episode 5

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In the fifth episode of the Series, Joelle recommends box breathing to Shelby to help slow down her heart rate and bring more oxygen into the body to dilute the stress response. They also go over thought stopping techniques and identify the core beliefs that lead to anxious and intrusive feelings.

Episode 6

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In the sixth and final episode, Joelle and Shelby recap goals set in the first episode and outline the progress that Shelby has made over the last 6 sessions. You’ll also learn about thought stopping techniques and get to listen to them process examples from Shelby’s life.



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