5 Things To Know About Heather Penny!

5 Things To Know About Heather Penny!



Dr. Heather Penny is a leadership coach, trusted advisor, speaker, and author. Using her 3C Living program, she guides people into finding their clarity, confidence, and courage so they can step into their best life as they recognize the unique strengths they have to offer. Heather enjoys living in Northern California with her husband and two children. Find out more at www.heatherpenny.com.


1. How did you get started in your career field?

I started out in education — working with both students and training teachers. This is where I learned how people change and grow.  After several decades working in education, I realized that I wanted to work with people in areas of their lives that were keeping them stuck so they could reach new levels of potential and possibilities. 


2. What led you to be interested in the work you do?

I love helping people identify barriers that have kept them stuck for too long and then offering them new tools to not only get “unstuck” but to step into the life that they are uniquely made for.  


3. How is your approach unique?

As a leadership coach and trusted advisor, I believe in helping the “whole person” just like I did the “whole student” when I was in the classroom. I invite in conversations that address mind, body, heart, and soul and encourage individuals and groups to apply new practices that are sustainable and life transformational.  


4. What made you want to start a podcast?

Often I have felt very alone when trying to grow and reinvent myself.  I started a podcast to talk about what it means to thrive vs. survive and all the challenges and vulnerability that comes with that in the hopes that people would not only feel encouraged, but less alone.  


5. What do you want people to know about you?

I don’t take myself too seriously and find humor in a lot of things, but I take other people’s journey very seriously and feel like I am treading on sacred ground when they choose to share their stories with me. And I’m grateful for my hubby of over 30 years and thoroughly enjoy my two children who are recently adulting. They are a huge part of  ‘making me’ who I am today.


Listen to Heather’s NEW Podcast Episode “Going From Survivor To Thriver” featuring Joelle, where they discuss false beliefs and how past trauma can keep us stuck in survival mode.

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