What is Cognitive Processing Therapy? Find Out From LMFT Nick Watkins!

Nick Watkins (LMFT) has an Associate of Applied Science in Communication Application Technology, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology. To Nick, therapy means having that safe space to talk about anything you want and also learning to adapt and change how you react to things that you want to change.

He is a 10 year Air Force veteran who decided to join the team in May of 2021 because of the work we do with veterans and active duty outside of the VA and the military system. Recently, Nick has been given provider status for cognitive processing therapy. 

For more information on this outstanding accomplishment, we asked Nick about CPT to help our clients and community better understand what this provider status means and is.

  • What is cognitive processing therapy?

Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) provides a way to understand that your traumatic experiences have changed how you think about things and your current feelings and behaviors. Then it helps you challenge and change the most unhealthy thoughts.


  • What are the steps one needs to take to be given provider status for CPT?

A therapist needs to attend 16 hours worth of training and then attend weekly hour long supervision/mentoring sessions for 6 months.


  • What are the benefits of being given CPT provider status?

Provider Status means I have been fully recognized to provide CPT to clients at my own discretion and without any need for supervision.


  • How does CPT benefit the client?

CPT has been proven to help reduce client’s anxiety, depression and distress from memories related to trauma.


  • Why did you decide to apply for CPT provider status?

I applied for CPT because it is a highly successful evidence based treatment for PTSD. I have seen some client’s symptoms reduced in a month. It also works well in both in-person and telehealth settings.


At JRM&A, we are passionate about celebrating the milestones our team members achieve and educating our clients on what these accomplishments mean.

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