Military Trauma Defused with Laughter: A Path to Post Traumatic Growth

Written by: Joelle Rabow Maletis, MAED, MA, LMFT & Nick Watkins, MA, LMFT Edited by: Hadley McKinnon   During Nick Watkins’ therapy session with Afghanistan Veteran “Alpha Client” (AC)*, AC mentioned how they were swapping stories with their father (Vietnam Veteran) and son (Afghanistan veteran) about their respective combat zones. Like most combat veterans do, […]

They Also Serve by NAVY MD; Dr. K

The prospect of deploying to Afghanistan last year induced in me an unnerving sense of excitement. Despite having served as a Navy physician for eleven years, I had never experienced life in a combat zone. And while I was quite aware of the horrors attendant to armed conflict, I was still, embarrassingly, in quiet thrall to a youthful, bravado-filled vision of war.