Tips on How to Develop and Increase Confidence

A self-confidant person is rarely born that way.  Some people are more naturally inclined to positivity and confidence but any person can learn to foster these traits in themselves.  If you’re ready to become a confident person and to take the world by storm, here are some of the many ways you can develop and increase the confidence you have in yourself.


Banish Negativity

The hardest thinking you’ll have to work to change is negative thinking.  It’s much too easy to think that you are not enough, or that you don’t have the right talents, intelligence, or skills to accomplish your goals.  When something does not go your way, being able to say “I just can’t do it”, or “It’s stupid, anyway”, is simpler than examining the reasons for failure and working to fix them.  Negative thinking is toxic and before too long, you feel beat down.


To get away from the destructiveness negativity brings into your life, look at you friends, family, and coworkers.  Is the source of your negative thinking stemming from someone close to you?  You may need to distance yourself or restructure relationships to live a more positive lifestyle.  To bring yourself up, you may need to take a break from those who want to bring you down.  Start replacing negative thoughts with positive ones.  It will take time but eventually, positivity will become your new standard.


Carry Yourself with Confidence

While you’re working on your internal confidence, start working on projecting that confidence to the world.  A confident person does not walk around slumped over with their eyes on the ground.  Correct posture, eye contact, and a smile mark you as a confident person who knows their worth.  Think of a self-confident person that you know.  How do they carry themselves and act around others?  How do they dress?  Grooming and clothing also send a strong message about how well you think of yourself.


Try and Try Again

Confident people do not accept failure; they continue to strive to improve themselves and their work until they get it right.  This never give up attitude is one mark of a self-confident person and one that needs to be adopted by you.  It’s not easy to continually get fail and try again, but when you do achieve success, it will be a huge confidence booster!


Fake It ’til You Make It

A big part of growing and increasing your confidence comes from acting the part.  Practice strong, clear speech and practice reaching out to others with your new positive, confident attitude.  You won’t just wake up one day and have completely different posture, dress, and attitude.  You need to practice.  Pretending you are that confident, assertive person you want to be will help you become it.  Save the insecurity for the privacy of your home.

Building and growing your self-confidence will take time.  If you can retrain your thinking and practice projecting it, you’ll achieve the confidence you want.

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