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Tips on How to Develop and Increase Confidence

A self-confidant person is rarely born that way.  Some people are more naturally inclined to positivity and confidence but any person can learn to foster these traits in themselves.  If you’re ready to become a confident person and to take

They Also Serve by NAVY MD; Dr. K

The prospect of deploying to Afghanistan last year induced in me an unnerving sense of excitement. Despite having served as a Navy physician for eleven years, I had never experienced life in a combat zone. And while I was quite aware of the horrors attendant to armed conflict, I was still, embarrassingly, in quiet thrall to a youthful, bravado-filled vision of war.

How to Beat the Holiday Blues

It may not seem like it, but the holiday season is just around the corner. And, while the holiday season is usually a time of joy and happiness for some of us, the holidays can bring us holiday blues, not holiday cheer..

The Gift of Giving

With the holidays fast approaching, there are many opportunities to give to help those who less fortunate, either because they don’t have enough financially or because they lack the family..